South Bay school board member blasts public in open meeting

Jan. 21- South Bay Union School District (SBUSD) board initially attempted to silence about 275 members of the public, gaveling down the regularly-scheduled board meeting’s attendees and stating that it was …”a meeting to conduct the business of the board and not a public meeting.” California Teachers Association Governing Board Member Jim Groth stated “They are getting bad advice-in my forty years of public education I’ve never seen a school board act in such a manner.”

Chula Vista –South Bay teachers have made students their first priority. They are negotiating improved access to counselors, nurses, smaller class size and time to develop well-planned curriculum. Meeting educators’ goals in negotiations will enhance the educational experience for students and educators throughout the South Bay region.

Southwest Teachers Association President Lorena Garcia explained, “We have been at the table since May of 2015, and we will continue to make student learning conditions our priority.”  Garcia also asserted that increasing salaries will be necessary to attract and retain the best educators in this time of growing teacher shortages in California.

To date, despite having a reserve fund in excess of six times the State required amount to be set aside for economic uncertainties, SBUSD has responded to proposals with disinterest. Instead, they informed SWTA they believed they were at an impasse with the chapter and have requested a state mediator be appointed.

On Thursday, SWTA members, parents and community members took to the streets for a two-mile March for Students on Thursday that began at Mendoza Elementary School and ended at the district office.

The behavior and attitude toward parents at the board meeting that culminated the Rally for Students should appear troublesome for everyone, according to Garcia. “Such detachment shows a dangerously dismissive attitude toward the community that typically produces poor results for all stakeholders” she said.

According to SWTA leadership, their  focus will continue to be on improving students’ learning conditions and student achievement by negotiating for additional resources that students and educators need.