Vergara may not pass appellate smell test

Teacher Gaby Ibarra explains the benefits of permanent status

All three justices in Thursday morning’s Vergara vs CTA case seemed skeptical that permanent status, or tenure, was the factor causing student under-performance in public schools. In the second round of the the legal debate in Vergara vs CTA, on appeal this morning from a trial court ruling that sought to strike down 5 statutes of the California Education Code, it was evident that the justices were prepared as they challenged the plaintiff’s case from the onset.

The morning began with teachers, parents, along with Civil Rights Pioneer Dolores Huerta advocating for support of public schools in the face of attacks from billionaires and right wing groups. Ms. Huerta shared her admonition of Students Matter, the so-called reform organization funded by silicon valley billionaire David Welch.

In a conference call  with NY Times and other national media following the Vergara appeal proceedings, CTA Attorney Michael Rubin explained he was “…delighted with the responses of the justices and is confident the trial court ruling will be overturned and state statutes reinstated.

Read LA Times Education Editor Howard Blume’s article below: