Kansas conservatives want to impeach Supreme Court over funding public schools

In a stunning commitment to sustaining tax cuts for the super wealthy at the expense of damaging the next generation of Kansans, conservative members of the Kansas State Senate Judiciary Committee are advancing a bill to more easily impeach Justices of the Kansas Supreme Court.

Kansas state legislators are responding to a State Supreme Court that has thwarted cutting funding to public schools to a level considered unconstitutional by the Court.

Republican lawmakers in Kansas, weary of conflicts with a judiciary pushing for more school spending, are acting on a measure to expand the legal grounds for impeaching judges.

The move is part of an intensified effort in red states to reshape courts still dominated by moderate judges from earlier administrations.

A committee in the GOP-controlled Senate plans to vote Tuesday on a bill that would make “attempting to usurp the power” of the Legislature or the executive branch grounds for impeachment. Read More