San Bernardino Supports “Yes on 55”

Educators and coalition leaders gathered with San Bernardino Teachers Association (SBTA) on Saturday to support Proposition 55 and prevent harmful cuts to local education and statewide government services. Leaders reminded San Bernardino voters that passing Prop 55 will ensure funding for all students, no matter their zip code.

The tax extension is not an increase- it merely maintains the current tax structure on California’s top wage earners. The legislation will allow revenue generated by individuals making $25o,000 per year or couples making $500,000 per year to be maintained at current levels instead of ending in 2017.

Speakers included CTA Board member Robert Rodriguez, SBTA President Ashley Alcalá, SBTA educator Christine Marquez, SBTA School Board Member Abigail Medina, and San Bernardino City Unified School District Superintendent Dale Marsden who represent a broad coalition supporting “Yes on 55”.

Leaders spoke of the devastating cuts that took place during the Great Recession when tens of thousands of educators and education support personnel were pink-slipped. President Alcalá stated emphatically, “We cannot go back to the days of larger class sizes and teacher lay-offs. Support Prop. 55 and help our children thrive.”