CTA San Gorgonio Fall Leaderhip 2016 a success

San Gorgonio Service Center Council (SGSSC) held this year’s Fall Leadership Conference in Palm Springs under the theme “Paths of Leadership”. Southland members chose from over thirty course offerings designed to improve and strengthen their understanding of local issues, become better versed in the value of ethnic studies and to continue political efforts to win passage of Proposition 55.

Wendy Eccles, San Gorgonio Service Center Chair was pleased with member responses, stating “With the number of different course opportunities and the enthusiasm of leaders and members it was obvious they embraced both our theme and direction.” Members selected from coursework from topics that included member engagement, integrating classroom technology, student classroom behavior, legal issues, grievances and forming local PACs.

That direction also included the invitation of CTA President and keynote speaker Eric Heins, who reminded attendees why passage of Propositions 58, 55 and 52 are important to California educators.  Heins explained, “Proposition 58 removes language restrictions so schools are able to use the most up-to-date teaching methods possible to help our students learn.”

Heins also made a pitch for Proposition 52. “When students are sick their learning opportunities- much like their immune systems- are compromised. This initiative will assist with health care costs to help our most vulnerable low-income students stay healthy.”

Proposition 55 had the highest level of member recognition by the weekend’s conference participants. Many members have already received outreach though CTA’s phone banking efforts for the Fall campaign- some had volunteered in their chapter’s local efforts. Heins reiterated the importance of our support, explaining Proposition 55 will not raise taxes on anyone- it maintains current income tax levels, otherwise eliminated after 2017, on our state’s highest wage earners to assure financial support for our public schools. This initiative will help ensure all our children thrive. Pass Prop 55!

SGSSC Chair Wendy Eccles was encouraged by the weekend’s success, stating “Conference attendees left the weekend recharged and ready for their classrooms and for this important November election.”