Teachers swarm Southland in favor of 55

From San Bernardino’s splendid peaks to the beautiful beaches of San Diego, California Teachers Association (CTA) State Council members across the Southland have joined volunteers statewide to support Yes on Proposition 55 and ensure California does not go back to the days of billions of dollars in cuts to our public schools.

Last weekend’s activities were part of an ongoing effort to educate the public on the need and value of both Propositions 55 and 58 to meeting the needs of all children in the Golden State.  

Efforts included press conferences, rallies, precinct walking, sign marking, phone banking, and in San Diego, a double decker bus was festooned with Yes On 55 messages and driven through downtown San Diego with teachers aboard and to support the proposition.   

Statewide elected officials joined local politicians to speak for both initiatives. California State Controller Betty Yee was on hand in San Bernardino and spoke about the importance of the initiative’s passage to ensure our schools will maintain their current funding levels. “Each of us knows the impact public education has had on our lives. What we had prior to the passage of Proposition 30 was a very dark time in the history of California public education- we cannot go back”. 

For CTA Executive Board member Marty Meeden, who acted as emcee for the San Diego press conference in Mission Valley, these efforts are vital for a successful campaign. “As educators and support professionals we’re educating voters. Proposition 55 is good policy because it doesn’t raise taxes on anyone- it simply maintains the current rates on our state’s highest earners to fund our schools for all California’s children”, he explained.   

Educators are part of a broader coalition that includes firefighters, labor groups, college organizations- joined by parent and student advocacy groups- who plan to continue their efforts to pass 55 and 58 through November 8 Election Day.