Billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos tapped to lead Department of Education


With President-Elect Trump’s selection of billionaire Betsy DeVos, an heir to the multi-level marketing fortune Amway International, one must consider her bona fides for the highest education policy position in the U.S. Government. Unfortunately for those of us looking for experienced leadership, they are nearly non-existent.

Ms. DeVos has no personal or professional experience in public schools. She attended private Christian schools as did all her children. She has neither educational leadership experience as an educator nor school administrator.

It appears her 5 billion dollar fortune and willingness to donate to pro-voucher and anti-public education causes, including support of the plaintiff in CTA vs Friedrich’s Supreme Court case, are the attributes that qualify her for the position.

We know as a benefactor she has:

Given with her spouse at least 2.7 million dollars this year to conservative candidates;

Supports vouchers to address “…a broken education system.”;

A bachelor’s degree from Calvin College in Michigan;

Insisted her family (not she) has bankrolled anti-LGBT causes such as support of Proposition 8 in California;

Given millions to both open new and fund existing private Christian schools.

Read more here.


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