Farewell to a fallen San Bernardino teacher


California Teachers Association (CTA) President Eric Heins and San Bernardino Teachers Association (SBTA) President Ashley Bettas-Alcalá participated in a ceremony this morning at North Park Elementary School honoring the lives of special education teacher Karen Smith and student Jonathan Martinez- both teacher and student were tragically slain on campus Monday morning.

SBTA leaders have worked tirelessly with the school and education community to ensure educators, students, and parents know that their pain is shared by many, and their well-being is paramount as they move through this time of emotional struggle. CTA President Eric Heins reminded attendees “CTA is a family, and when one hurts we all do. We stand with you in your grief and sadness.”

North Park Elementary educators have received a welcome outpouring of support from many sources, including local businesses who have provided food, hundreds of plush toys for students, banners, flowers, balloons- even candles for the nightly vigils.

SBTA President Ashley Bettas-Alcala reminded North Park Elementary teachers they will be in everyone’s thoughts in the weeks and months ahead. “As your union, I promise we will be there for you.”

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