Billionaires Buy LAUSD School Board Election for $10 Million

Showing that money clearly can impact local elections, a group of billionaires with an agenda to privatize our public schools spent more than $10 million to buy two seats on the Los Angeles Unified School District Board. Last night’s election is certainly disappointing for educators and parents fighting to keep the right to a free public education available to all students. The record-breaking amount of money spent in these two school board races is sadly not surprising, as the same group of corporate charter school donors spent more than $27 million to buy state legislative seats last year. Public education should be about kids, not profits.

Educators will never have the bank accounts of these billionaires, but what we have is the deep commitment and will to speak out for our students and to fight for the quality public education they deserve. Joining with parents and our community supporters, who spent countless hours working so hard on these campaigns and who did not allow the misinformation and exorbitant spending to slow them down, we will not stop now.

We will continue to work with coalition partners to ensure passage of three key bills – AB 1360, AB 1478 and SB 808 – to ensure accountability, transparency and equity to unregulated charter schools. Together, we will fight to invest in our neighborhood public schools. Together, we will fight for all students and against President Trump’s and Secretary DeVos’ plans to privatize our schools and divide our communities.

Eric Heins

CTA President