Banning teachers confront a bully superintendent

Two years of attempts by Banning Teachers Asociation to work with Banning Unified School District (BUSD) Superintendent Robert Guillen over unilateral actions taken affecting parents, students, and educators- have ended in failure. Banning teachers are responding with a campaign to communicate these problems and return responsive leadership to the local education community.

Since 2015, respect for educators and Banning residents has steadily eroded. Sadly, that impact can be measured. Unilateral decisions such as changing the school calendar, work times, increasing class sizes and schedules have negatively impacted parents, students, and educators. In the midst of the greatest teachers shortage in decades, experienced teachers are leaving the district every year because of working conditions and abuse by a superintendent who refuses to address them.

Unfair Labor Practice charges have also been filed against BUSD for alleged contract violations against Banning teachers.

“We cannot stand silent while the board continues to back a superintendent whose main focus is facilities at the expense of a quality education for your students”, explained BTA President Anthony Garcia. “Allowing this to continue will do infinitely more harm to your student than any protest that we can engage in”, he said.

Banning teachers invite the community to attend school board meetings on August 15th and August 31 and make their voices heard about improving their local schools through effective educational leadership.