Solana Beach teachers say “Enough is enough”

Frustrated Solana Beach teachers have had enough of the lack of professional respect from Solana Beach School District (SBSD). Solana Beach Teachers Association (SBTA) began organizing at local school board meetings to communicate their displeasure over policies that have allowed SBSD officials to stockpile over ten times the amount of money required by the State of California for economic uncertainties. Instead of the 4% state requirement, the district has hoarded an embarrassing 42%– while refusing to bargain a permanent raise for its outstanding, innovative teachers.

At the recent SBSD board meeting, teacher Tarri Baldwin shared a “Top Ten” list of reasons teachers in Solana Beach must be compensated fairly. (See it here)

Teachers in SBSD give countless additional hours before and after school developing innovative curriculum in this high-achieving district. SBTA members arrive in late Summer, days before their contracted work begins, to prepare their classes for the school year. They spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on materials.

Members of SBTA are questioning their effort in the wake of no support for all their outstanding efforts. Without change, the situation will likely erode further.