CTA Community Engagement Grant Helps Connect Oceanside Educators, Parents and Students

Illustrating the value and importance of local collaboration and cooperation, Oceanside District Parent Advisory Committee held its inaugural meeting this school year on October 18th under the theme of Parent/Family Engagement.  Over 40 teachers, parents, families, and administrators embraced the topic while participating in discussions and activities to improve educational outcomes for every Oceanside student.

These gatherings encourage educators, administrators, and community members from all Oceanside district schools to share ideas, concerns, and information with each other.

Oceanside Teachers Association sponsors these meeting by providing food and childcare for the attendees through a CTA Community Engagement Grant.

Two parent members, Todd Madison and Stacy Begin, work with the district to take information generated from the District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) group to plan future meetings and share at Local Control Accountability Plan, School Site Council and Parent Network meetings.


DPAC’s next topic focus will be School Safety. Members are hoping for an even larger turnout. All are welcome and can register online for the November event to be held at Fausatt Elementary School.