Neo-Nazi Extremist Trained in Texas Murders Gay Man in Irvine


In another “Nothing to see here” moment, accused murderer of his former high school friend, Blaze Bernstein, suspect Samuel Woodward has ties to a notorious extremist hate group, (Atomwaffen Division) an armed Fascist organization with ties to other national and international racist extremists.

The ultimate aim of the group is the overthrowing of the U.S. government through the ushering in of a race war by use of terrorism and guerrilla tactics.

Woodward attended a three-day group-described “Hate Camp” in 2016 that teaches outdoor skills and small arms use. Attendees pose with skeleton masks in deference to WWII German Nazis whose SS division wore the skulls (Totenkopf) on their lapels. Read the ProPublica story here.