CTA Paves the Way For National Board Certification


NBCT Collaborative
NBCT Collaborative meets in San Diego


Since 2014, California Teachers Association, in partnership with National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) in California, have encouraged interested members to pursue National Board Certification. National Board Collaborative, comprised of fellow National Board Certified Teachers, began the program to encourage increased pursuit of certification in the Golden State.

The rigorous process of certification has been simplified and streamlined in recent years, yet still provides the rigor that will set you apart as a National Board Certified educator.


Why certify?

Students learn more from teachers who have board certification.

A decade of research shows that students of Board-certified teachers learn more than their peers without Board-certified teachers. Studies have also found that the positive impact of having a Board-certified teacher is even greater for minority and low-income students.

  • Teachers improve their practice. Board Certification allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence. Schools with National Board Certified Teachers are characterized by better teacher morale and retention and increased community involvement. Districts and schools that want to drive student learning recognize the power of Board certification and are taking steps to empower and raise the status of accomplished teachers.

Locally, members of the National Board Collaborative met in January where they planned the first year of what will be a regular NBCT Recognition Program. All National Board Certified Teachers in Southern California will be invited to an NBCT Pinning Ceremony at CTA’ Region IV Conference on April 15th to honor their effort and encourage others to pursue certification.

Accomplished teachers that become national board certified have all taken a journey to improve their teaching practice.

Here’s what teachers said about (and why YOU might consider) becoming a national board certified teacher (NBCT):

This has been a journey that has tested me as a teacher to grow and develop my teaching practices, reflection process, collaboration with peers and community organizations, and the support I provide my students and families. I truly believe it has made me a better teacher.

-Bonnie Pappin, 4th Grade teacher

“Because, stop and look around… This life IS pretty amazing.”  Because of National Board, my teaching practice and student success continue to advance, the relationships I have with my students’ families and the community have strengthened, but more importantly, the camaraderie of my NB colleagues and the support of my husband has reinforced the belief in myself and my love of teaching.

-Shelley Turner,  1st Grade teacher

Becoming National Board Certified was an amazing adventure in which I often compared my journey to climbing a mountain with a group of talented teachers. Yes, the climb was difficult and came with many challenges. Fortunately, I had a strong support system. My colleagues often held my hand and encouraged me to continue the journey. Now that I have reached the summit, I am able to enjoy the view; that view being all I have gained from this beautiful teaching experience.

-Bertha Rodriguez, 2nd Grade teacher


As an educator I always look for opportunities to improve my practice. The National Board Certification process provided the opportunity to deeply reflect upon my teaching methods and plan impactful instruction for my students. The process provided the rare opportunity to work collaboratively with my peers to support and learn from one another. The certification was difficult and required commitment and persistence. I am a better educator for having gone through it.

Amanda Beck,  2nd Grade teacher

As a fellow National Board Certified Teacher, I believe in the power of the certification process to transform teacher practice on an individual level.  Also, in my new position as the Director of Outreach and Engagement with the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, I’m excited for the opportunity to attract and retain a strong and diverse pool of teachers, as well as open the door for new teacher leaders to raise the level of this profession to the highest of heights. I am honored to work with CTA to bring National Board Certification to scale in California.

-Tammy Harris, NBCT

Director of Outreach and Engagement

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


Want to learn more? http://www.nbpts.org/national-board-certification/get-started/

 CTA National Board Support Network works in collaboration with the Stanford National Board Resource Center and San Diego County Office of Education to provide candidate support and opportunities for NBCTs.