San Diego Unions Ready for People’s Day of Action

Peoples Day prep

San Diego Education Association President Lindsay Burningham joined other union leaders Friday to finalize their plans for the Working Peoples Day of Action, 3:30 PM Saturday in Downtown San Diego at Convention Center Park on the corner of East Harbor Drive and Park Boulevard. Volunteers were on hand to make signs and complete last-minute tasks to ensure an effective rally.

Working people will gather to send the message that they intend to unrig the system that has benefitted the 1 percent at the expense of all other Americans. Speakers at the rally will be working class unionists from throughout Southern California who are fighting to reverse the impact of that broken system- one that discourages workers from organizing to ensure a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

The Day of Action will also have historical context, highlighting the efforts of Martin Luther King, whose gave his full measure of devotion to Memphis sanitation workers who were attempting to organize for a living wage and safer working conditions. It would be Dr. King’s last campaign- he was assassinated while speaking on behalf of decency and humane treatment for those workers 50 years ago this month.