Will MAAC Charter Educators Strike?

MCSSEA7After two years of negotiating without success, MAAC Community Charter School Educators Association (MCCSEA) has voted by a rate of 91% to authorize a strike if a settlement cannot be reached between teachers and the chief executive officer of MAAC Academy.

Ongoing issues of inadequate pay, understaffing, and appropriate teacher resources have been unaddressed. Frustration has overshadowed hope for a fair settlement.

MCCSEA leaders have made it clear that national examples of teacher strikse over inadequate resources and low pay in West Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado are being internalized by their members. MAAC Charter struggles with teacher turnover as professionals continually leave for better pay and benefits in nearby school districts.

Read the open letter to MAAC Charter CEO Arnulfo Manriquez below.:


April 26, 2018


Mr. Arnulfo Manriquez


First off, we would like to thank you for meeting with us to address our concerns and frustrations regarding obtaining a fair contract.  We see your commitment to both MAAC and the students.

As was discussed at our meeting, we are committed to the success of MAAC students and MAAC Community Charter School.  As such, 91% of our teachers have voted to authorize a strike if we are unable to resolve this contract.

We were heartened to see you were very supportive of this process moving along, and if MAAC is willing to bargain with the intent and parameters for settling, we are willing to return to the table and do what it takes to finish this already long process.

However, we still have some serious concerns about the Chief Negotiator and head of HR Arlene Gibbs, and we will not forgo impasse. We need you present at the next bargaining session.

The MAAC Project has been a leader in the community and very supportive of progressive causes and cannot believe we have yet to achieve a fair contract.  We urge you to act now and prioritize the students and teachers at MCCS and work to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with MAAC educators to allow us to create the school our students deserve!


The Teachers of MCCSEA