Menifee Teachers Endorse Three Candidates for School Board

Menifee board candidates

Murrieta Teachers Association (MTA) is encouraging Menifee Union School District to move into the future. To do so, the chapter endorsed a slate of school board members in each of the open trustee areas. If successful, the new board majority will ensure the future is secured for students, teachers, and the school district.

Menifee Teachers Association (MTA) has met many challenges over the last quarter century as their town has grown from a small, unincorporated area, to a city of over 75,000. The need for visionary leadership is clear, with issues of continued growth and district unification still unresolved matters.

MTA leaders describe endorsed board candidates Kyle Root, Jackie Johansen, and Kenyon Jenkins as longstanding, respected members of the community- leaders who will advance a student-centered agenda where everyone has the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for success.

Menifee teachers are certain this new leadership will ensure that success.