Help Take Action For Striking Accelerated School Teachers!

While United Teachers Los Angeles celebrates a hard-won victory after a six-day strike, another strike over teaching and learning conditions continues on between Accelerated Charter School teachers and their corporate board.

Teachers at Accelerated have gone on strike to force the corporate CEO and founder to address the longstanding issue of teacher attrition at the charter school, a rate that amounts to 50% over the last two years, and far-exceeds comparable public schools. More importantly, attrition damages the development of a climate of trust and continuity on a school campus.
“Teachers leave and find better opportunities,” said first-grade teacher Kari Rivera. “Better salaries, better health benefits and better job protections.”

By fighting for a level playing field of comparable healthcare benefits and job security protections, striking teachers mean to stem the tide of that regular teacher loss and bring stability to the school.

These brave Accelerated educators who have conducted only the second charter school strike in the U.S. Want to help? Please follow this link and let them know you’re standing behind them.

These courageous teachers would also appreciate your support and a “shout out” on their Facebook page.