Yuba City teachers “Forced to strike”

Frustrated over months of mistreatment and bad faith bargaining, Yuba City teachers launched a strike today against the Yuba City Unified School District (YCUSD).

What has been undisputed is educators in Yuba City earn about 13 percent less than the state average. The tragic thing is that the district can afford every proposal the teachers have offered.  They choose not to. This is both an economic and Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike; a result of the district’s intimidation tactics.

Music teacher John Paris explained that YCUSD forced a strike because it offered a settlement they knew did not address concerns raised over low pay that prevents Yuba City from attracting and keeping the best teachers for the community.

Parents and students have responded to the strike by standing with Yuba City teachers. Some have joined the picket line in support YCTA’s efforts as the strike moves through the first day.