Menifee teachers phone bank for “Yes on 55”

Menifee Teachers Association (MTA) members gathered Wednesday night for their first “Yes on 55” phone-banking session and made over 1200 calls in just three hours. President Brenda Myers explained they coordinated the event because MTA had benefitted from the Passage of Proposition 30 in November 2012 and they want to ensure the passage of Proposition 55.

“Prop 30 allowed us to offer more educational opportunities to our community, more collaboration and cooperation, more pay for our professional’s time, restored programs, and allows our staff to have more chances to earn income and pursue their passions than we have had in decades.”

Restoration of local funds through Proposition 55’s predecessor allowed for five teaching days to be restored, an 8% salary increase, lower class size from transitional Kindergarten through grade 3, started an AVID Program and added after school intervention and enrichment at elementary sites. Menifee also added assistant principals, counselors, music teachers and coaches since the its passage. The “Yes on 55” coalition will continue phone banking and other statewide election outreach through the 2016 campaign season