Menifee teachers pack local board meeting

MENIFEE- After the union requested a larger venue to accommodate the overflowing crowds at the board meeting, the Menifee School District moved the meeting to the most remote location in the District in hopes of discouraging teacher attendance.  In spite of the District’s efforts, Menifee teachers came out in great numbers to show support for their bargaining team.

In a show of strength, more than 150 Menifee members (MTA) joined dozens of parents and students to pack the board meeting last night to address the Menifee Union School District (MUSD).  During public comments, fifteen different speakers expressed their support of MTA’s positions and implored the District to negotiate a fair settlement.

Competitive salary and benefits are essential to attract and retain the great teachers of Menifee’s schools. With compensation among the lowest in the surrounding area, Menifee is not positioned to retain its current teaching staff, much less attract new teachers in the future.

Salary remains unresolved.  The district has offered less than half of what MTA believes would be a fair settlement to make progress toward equitable salaries and to keep their teachers in Menifee’s schools.