Corona Norco teachers support Prop. 55

NORCO- Special education teacher Angela Thomas joined the ranks of committed volunteers of Corona Norco Teachers Association (CNTA) Monday evening for their first round of “Yes on 55” phone banking. For Thomas, the fight to extend support for public schools is personal. In 2009, teachers in the Corona Norco Unified School District received hundreds of pink slips as young educators worried about their future.  

“Many of these teachers were newly-married, with first homes and children on the way as they faced an uncertain future. The passage of Prop 30 was a relief for all of us- we could focus on the job we love instead of pursuing a new career. That’s why Prop. 55 is so important.”    

Political Action Chair Loretta Arenas helped organize the 12 evenings of phone banking that will focus on statewide member outreach. Members will participate geographically as teams and work with other educators from their sites to make calls and participate in site visits to circulate commitment cards.                                             

Arenas explained, “Proposition 55 will help our children thrive. We can’t go back to the days of pink slips and billion dollar cuts to education. We will get this job done.”