Coachella Valley Teachers Association rallies at mediation session


Over two hundred members of the Coachella Valley Teachers Association (CVTA) rallied Wednesday night to support their bargaining team in mediation with the Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) over increasing planning, preparation time, and pay that will assure educators do not leave for better pay and benefits elsewhere.

Members gathered at 3:00pm as a show of unity with their bargaining team that has worked many months to fashion a fair contract for CVTA. Speakers reminded the district that Coachella has always operated as a family- a value that the district has tested over this period of prolonged negotiation. To win a better contract, CVTA leaders reminded members they must continue to turn out to support the team and their collective priorities.

Members and leaders took turns speaking and leading chants before receiving a general update, and thanks from the team for their support. Mediation is ongoing between CVTA and CVUSD and will continue while progress is being made.

If the state-appointed mediator is unsuccessful, the remaining issues will next be addressed through a state fact-finding procedure.

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