Temecula Valley Legacy Project engages returning teachers

To strengthen its local chapter, Temecula Valley Educators Association (TVEA) worked with the local school district to acknowledge nearly 100 graduates who have joined the profession and taken teaching positions in Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD).

In 1985, Temecula Valley High School would open its doors as the first comprehensive high school built in the not yet incorporated City of Temecula. The community included horse ranches, open skies and rolling hills- and not much else. About 15,000 people lived in what was then called Rancho California- today over 110,000 people call Temecula home. Where one comprehensive high school once served it, the city now has five including independent and alternative sites.

Every returning educator received a certificate acknowledging their status as a former graduate of the district and thanks from school board members and superintendents for their commitment to the local education community.

For first graduating class member Michelle Truax (TVHS Class of 1988) the ceremony was an opportunity to share her thanks for the exceptional public school education she received growing up locally. “Temecula is a special place and that’s why I chose to bring my kids up here and become a teacher” she explained. The event provided an opportunity to reminisce with old friends- and to make new ones.

TVEA President Jeff Kingsberg explained that their chapter’s goal is to recognize those who are “Paying it forward” by giving back in serving the students of the district from where they graduated.

“We are approaching a generational cycle of our most senior alumni having graduated thirty years ago.  It is appropriate we identify and honor this set of community leaders who will drive our schools forward for the next fifteen to thirty years”, he said.

Authentic relationship building opportunities that celebrate member commitment and educator impact reinforce our work as educators in our communities and facilitate development of future leaders for our local chapters.