San Diego Women’s March draws 30,000

Downtown San Diego drew over thirty thousand peaceful demonstrators who braved inclement weather to participate in today’s Women’s March. The diverse crowd included parents, teachers, feminist groups, reproductive and immigrant rights advocates and others who came to send a message supporting women rights and issues.

The new administration was clearly the target of those marching, whose signs indicated their concern over possible changes in federal policies affecting women, children, and families.

Marchers were festooned with pink-colored and cleverly-eared “pussy cat” knitted caps-part of a nationwide effort to knit over one million in the weeks leading to today’s event.     Men in the crowd who walked with friends, daughters, partners and wives, played a support role in the rally.

Chants of “Love Trumps Hate” and “This is what democracy looks like” were heard throughout the route. Demonstrators were non-violent yet resolute as they sent a clear message to the Trump Administration; We are watching you and we are ready to act.