New U.S. immigration policy a dark reminder on Holocaust Remembrance Day

U.S. immigration policy is the subject of review as Holocaust Remembrance Day officials began Tweeting the names of WWII refugees turned away from the U.S. border in 1939. Forced back to Europe, they were killed in Nazi concentration camps.

President Trump signed executive orders that will limit refugees in specific war-torn regions of the Middle East from entering the U.S. The optics of such an order on this day appears to have escaped the new administration

The new administration was beset with multiple problems in its first week, including growing opposition to several cabinet selections, a worldwide Women’s March that dwarfed the presidential inauguration, and multiple dust-ups with the press over his crowd size that drew attention from the aggressive first-week agenda.

Those items included building a border wall, dismantling the Affordable Care Act, limiting access to abortion funding overseas, and threatening federal reprisals against cities declared as sanctuaries for undocumented Americans.