MAAC educators rally for fair treatment

For teachers at MAAC charter, it’s all about opportunity, student success, and quality educators. Twenty-five teachers, educators, and community allies arrived at the Chula Vista MAAC Charter School Board meeting on Thursday to communicate their ongoing concerns that their school can no longer compete for credentialed teachers to serve in the school under the company’s current compensation structure. In contrast to other public schools in the area that have increased their compensation at the rate of inflation, MAAC teachers lag far behind.

Skylar Roush, 2nd year at MAAC Charter Organizing Committee Chair explained their member’s concern, stating “The population of students that we serve require educators of the highest quality to help them find success. MCCS will not be able to attract or retain the best educators if we continue to offer salaries that are 10, 15 or even 20% lower than surrounding districts.”

Union leaders are convinced the school will never be as successful as it needs to be if we can’t offer competitive salaries, class sizes and workplace protections to quality educators. MAAC Charter needs to step up to the plate for our students and live up to our progressive mission statement.

MAAC parents and community supporters were surprised and disappointed in hearing about these issues. They were unaware of the situation but expressed they are on the teacher’s side and will be back to support them. MAAC needs to do more to assure all educators feel supported and valued.

It’s time for MAAC to do the right thing. Compensating outstanding educators fairly will help in attracting and retaining great teachers and will secure our school’s future success.