Rancho Santa Fe Faculty ask school board “Why are you withholding dollars meant for the classroom?”

Rancho Santa Fe – Rancho Santa Fe Faculty Association (RSFFA) members attended the Thursday October 5 Rancho Santa Fe School Board meeting with a clear message; in the midst of increasing teacher shortages statewide, competitive pay and benefits are necessary to attract and retain outstanding educators to serve the needs of Rancho Santa Fe students and community.

For years now, RSFFA has faced a school board that has offered sub-standard wages while demanding and receiving superlative work from its outstanding, professional staff. Educators here work longer hours than surrounding school districts for lower wages.

While RSF district officials continue policies that increase their bottom line and bloat the state’s four percent official Reserve Rate for Economic Uncertainties to over TEN TIMES the requirement, those dollars on account represent money locked away from students and educators-money meant for classrooms.

Negotiations began over six months ago and progress has been slow. Rancho Santa Fe Faculty Association is encouraging the school board to strongly consider an equitable settlement that benefits all students, educators, and the Rancho Santa Fe community.