National City Teachers at Impasse


After months of negotiating with little progress, National City Elementary Teachers Association (NCETA) are back at impasse with National School District (NSD). Teachers are frustrated; NSD has declined proposed language addressing workload concerns and classroom conditions and a salary increase that will make National City a destination for new educators in this time of teacher shortages.

In recent months, hundreds of teachers have participated in organizing actions, including signing petitions and rallying at school board meetings. Many have spoken publicly, often in tears, about the lack of quality materials provided by NSD and the hours they spend outside of school searching for meaningful curriculum while receiving no compensation for the extra work.

NCETA President Christina Benson stated, “The NSD claims they are broke; however, for the past five years they have failed to spend new money received under the Local Control Funding Formula on students or on teachers. NCETA knows that you can’t put students first when you put teachers last, and our members stand united in our resolve to achieve a fair contract.” The next mediation date is scheduled for mid-February.