Temecula Educators Prepare for Janus


Temecula Valley Educators Association (TVEA) is making sure its members are well-versed on the impact of the attack on working families that Janus vs AFSCME presents. The case is set for oral arguments in late February.

National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly delegate Dawn Murray-Sibby delivered a short presentation of the history of Fair Share, and how the current complexion of the Court has prompted another attack on the landmark 1977 Abood case that established it.

Site leaders learned that California Teachers Association (CTA) has been preparing for this eventuality for some time. State Council Representative and TVEA member Alan Underwood explained, “Our leadership and staff have been in front of this for years now, and we’re ready to carry out our plan.” Portions of those plans were discussed, including Task Force work, staff training/preparation, checklists, toolkits, and other materials made available online.

TVEA President Jeff Kingsberg was pleased with the response from site leaders; “This is a challenge and an opportunity- we are stronger because we are prepared to stand with our students, parents, and community, regardless of the Janus outcome.”