DeVos a Disaster in 60 Minutes Interview


In yet another performance showcasing Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s abject ignorance of public education policy, Trump’s newly-minted head of the School Safety Panel flunked her 60 minutes interview on Sunday night. DeVos Stumbled through word salad messaging as she responded with non-answers to questions about Michigan failing schools, and made a call to train and arm our teachers to harden school sites against potential attack.

While DeVos has spent much time deriding underperforming public schools both in and out of office, she admitted that in thirteen months since her appointment she has not visited one school or institution that is not meeting federal standards. When reporter Lesley Stahl inquired about her visitations to struggling schools, she confirmed in the interview she had never been to one. This prompted Stahl to suggest that maybe she should make a visit. DeVos replied, “Maybe I should.”

While Devos has no experience as an educator, an educational leader, or a board member of schools, she continues to promote pro-privatization policies from her perch as education secretary. See the entire Washington Post article with link to the interview here.