Tuck Campaign Plays Race Card

CA Assemblymember Chris Holden Demands Tuck Apologize for Deceptive Ad


Assemblymember Chris Holden joined CA HI NAACP President Alice Huffman to demand Marshall Tuck’s campaign chair Bill Bloomberg stop using former President Barack Obama’s image in campaign literature when he has never been endorsed by President Obama.

Asm. Holden, current Legislative Black Caucus Chair, stated “I find it unbelievable that a billionaire would use his wealth to first try to defeat President Obama, and later exploit his image to defeat another African American candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party.  Marshall Tuck would do well to make clear that he will not stand by sleazy and dishonest political tricks, especially those which abuse race and wealth.”


His opponent, CA Superintendent for Public Instruction candidate Tony Thurmond, has been endorsed by the California Democratic Party. Read the Thurmond campaign’s open letter responding to Tuck’s attack ads here.


Read Alice Huffman’s letter to Bill Bloomberg here.