Coronado Teachers Organize for Students


With nearly two years and no progress in negotiations with district officials, teachers in Coronado are taking their organizing to the community to bring better teaching and learning conditions to their students.

The Association of Coronado Teachers (ACT) has ramped up organizational efforts at school board meetings, school sites and street rallies as Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) continues to compensate educators among the lowest in San Diego County.

Coronado.BoardFor educators who cross the bay to teach on the peninsula, the Coronado Bridge continues to be a bridge to substandard pay. Parents and educators are committed to ending that. To make it happen, the district practice of holding 35% in reserves- over eleven times the state’s requirement for economic uncertainties- must be addressed.

As the support from the community and their students strengthens, so does teachers’ stance against this inequity. At the last CUSD board meeting, teachers, parents, and students spoke on behalf of educators and expressed their willingness to support teachers’ organizing efforts in the interests of students and better schools.

Teachers continue to focus on class size caps to give students more individual instruction, and equitable pay to retain and recruit great teachers for the Coronado community.

ACT believes CUSD must be confronted regarding board policies, or goals, that require teachers to be at or above average as they consistently refuse to adhere to that criteria when compensating those same educators.

ACT will continue to confront these issues so that every student in CUSD schools has access to well-funded schools and fairly-compensated professionals.