CTA Continues Push in June Primary Election

ThurmondFor the California Teachers Association, the final State Council of Education weekend of the school year was an opportunity to remind members of the importance of voting in the state’s primary in a pivotal midterm election.

From the podium, CTA President Eric Heins spoke about the efforts educators make beyond.their day to support the democratic process and to elect candidates that support outstanding public schools in every neighborhood;

Evoking an image in the film “Norma Rae”,  Heins calls for members to unite

“From our local school boards up to the governor’s office, we campaign, we contribute, we phone bank, we go door-to-door on behalf of the people who believe in our public schools and colleges. This body has given its support to Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom for governor and Assemblyman Tony Thurmond for superintendent, who are unwavering in their advocacy for our students.”

CTA’s endorsement comes with the weight of over 300,000 members who serve as teachers, counselors, and education support professionals in public schools, charter schools, and as online educators throughout the state.